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Sustainability Summit

This program is open for any Macon County student in grades 9-12. Students may stay on site at the Highlands Biological Station. This event is the weekend of February 25-27, 2022

Soil and Water: Your for Life!

Poster, Essay, and Presentation winners from Mountain View Intermediate School for the Macon Soil and Water Conservation District contest!

Animal Stories Supports Macon STEM Program

Pick up your copy from Books Unlimited here in Franklin! $500 from the sales of this book are going to support the STEM Program! Thank you so much Suminski Family Books for this generous donation!

Macon STEAM Resource Team

Retired teacher or professional? Community member or parent in a STEAM career? Passionate STEAM expert? The Macon STEAM Program is looking for local experts that would be willing to share their expertise with our students! The Macon STEAM Program has a variety of opportunities each year where volunteers are essential plus we would like to develop additional opportunities for our students but need folks who are willing to help.
Think PTO but for our K-12 Macon County STEAM Program—all 12 schools!
Informational Meeting August 31, 2021
STEM Space— Unit E—185 Industrial Park Drive—Franklin, NC 28734
For more information, please contact Jennifer Love at [email protected]
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