STEM-E Program

Macon County Schools with STEM-E Clubs:

Franklin High School

Macon Early College

Nantahala School

Macon Middle School

Mountain View Intermediate School

Cartoogechaye Elementary School

East Franklin Elementary School

Iotla Valley Elementary School

South Macon Elementary School

Forms for STEM-E club:

STEM-E club is an opportunity for students to participate in authentic, hands-on learning in an extracurricular setting. Each club will offer unique experiences for students to create, collaborate, think critically, and communicate effectively with peers. STEM-E club will offer field trips and some participation in STEM or entrepreneurial competitions. If your child is interested in participating in a STEM club at one of the above schools, please fill out the permission form above and return it to the STEM coach or coaches at your school.

What is STEM-E?

By: Kimberly Sanders

STEM is science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM is way for students to learn by integrating many subjects together through using authentic problem solving to find solutions to real-world problems.  STEM-E is science, technology, engineering, math, and entrepreneurship. It is important for students to be given a guide and pathway to succeed in competitive careers. This pathway can never start too soon.

STEM-E club is an opportunity for students in Macon County to participate in activities that will enrich their education, through communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Students will participate in engaging projects and events that will further develop their growth mindset and career readiness.

Students that participate in STEM-E club will be given authentic problems to solve, asked to participate in a cooperative community of learners, and given real opportunities to develop their skills as an entrepreneur. Students will be asked to participate in STEM-E events, field trips, and possibly competitions.


Resources for Kid Entrepreneurs:

Book: Kidpreneur: Young Entrepreneurs With Big Ideas

Written by: Adam Toren and Matthew Toren

Kidpreneur Video:  

  • The book Kidpreneur is written by Adam and Matthew Toren. The book teaches kids the basic of starting a business and managing money in a kid friendly format. It provides inspiration to kids that have a desire to become an entrepreneur and want to pursue entrepreneurship as a possible career.


Time for Kids Video:

  • Time for Kids gives advice and examples of how kids can become entrepreneurs. The step by step guide helps kids gather ideas and stay safe while starting a business or pursuing an idea for a business.


Articles for Teachers or STEM-E coaches:

From Interest to Identity: Creating and nurturing STEM kids in middle school

By: Laura Rodriguez


Why do students lose interest or start to doubt their science and math ability in middle school? This article explains why students lose their natural curiosity for science in the middle school years. The article goes on to address many ways for teachers and STEM professionals to foster this natural curiosity and guide students into discovering their ability and developing a confidence in STEM education and STEM fields.


Rodriguez, Laura (2018) From Interest to Identity: Creating and nurturing STEM kids in middle school. Science Scope. Vol. 42 Issue 3. Pg. 79 – 85.

STEM Resources and Materials for Engaging Learning Experiences

By: Bree L. Ruzzi and Angela Eckhoff


STEM in early childhood starts with a desire to inquire. The authors describe how to foster a sense of curiosity and how to guide students through the inquiry process and make each STEM lesson content rich. This article gives great examples of books, materials, and online resources that a teacher or STEM professional can use to introduce students to STEM concepts and tie in curriculum standards.

Ruzzi, Bree and Eckhoff, Angela. (2017) STEM Resources and Materials for Engaging Learning Experiences. Young Children. Vol. 72 Issue 1. Pg. 90 – 93.

How to Start a STEM Club

By: Margaret R. Blanchard, Kylie S. Hoyle, AND Kristie S. Gutierrez


This article is a step by step guide for a teacher or adult interested in starting a STEM club for students interested in science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM clubs are meant to be supplemental to school standards and offer experiences for students that are hands-on, engaging, and develop a sense of community. There are many great examples of plans, activities, and resources that a teacher or adult can use when developing a STEM club.

Blanchard, Margaret. Hoyle, Kylie, & Gutierrez, Kristie. (2017) How to Start a STEM Club. Science Scope. Vol. 41 Issue 3. Pg. 88 – 94.


How to Identify Effective STEM Activities for Children

Baylor’s EdD online in Learning and Organizational Change.

Examples of Teacher Technology Tools in Action:

Above is an example of a Voice Thread video about 21 Century Skills and the 4 C’s: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity. Feel free to answer the posed question and add any links, resources, and comments about the use of the 4 C’s in the classroom setting.

Above is an example of a Mind Meister graphic organizer for favorite teacher websites. View the graphic organizer and get ideas for useful websites and also feel free to add any useful favorite STEM or science related websites that other teachers may find useful.

Above is an example of using Padlet to communicate and collaborate with other teachers. Click the link to add STEM lesson ideas or to give suggestions for STEM resources.

Thing Link is a way to create interactive “hot-spots” that can be used to gain knowledge about a standard or topic. Teachers or students can use it to create an interactive slideshow to help students grasp a concept or to help a teacher with a presentation. Above is an example of Thing Link that was created by Kindergarten Teacher, Kimberly Sanders about teaching weather.


Description of STEM Resources for Kids:

Featured on the side-bar of this page is a set of links for STEM resources for kids. This section includes many websites that are suitable to build content and promote STEM interest for kids of all ages.

  • Brainpopjr features science related videos that teach science standards in a kid friendly manner and in an easily understood format.
  • PBS Kids Cyber Chase is an interactive website that allows kids to complete challenges and play science related games and solve age appropriate problems.
  • NASA Kids club offers resources and information for kids, parents and teachers. It features kid friendly games, problem solving missions, and educational videos.
  • Code.Org is a website that teaches kids the basics needed for learning to code. The activities are a fun way to learn to code through fun and interactive experiences.
  • National Geographic Kids is a website that has resources for kids, parents, and teachers. The website features games, videos, and magazines that helps students gain knowledge in an age appropriate and fun way.
  • Science Buddies is a website that offers many resources for students in need of science fair or STEM projects. The website offers many suggestions that will help spark ideas for kids looking to create science projects.